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Medical Supplies,
Equipment and Services

Medical Supplies,
Equipment and Services

At Ontario Medical Supply (OMS), we provide quality medical supplies and healthcare services that reinforce client independence, comfort and dignity in their homes.

We support staff and clinical facilities in delivering best practices and improving clinical outcomes by offering cost-effective healthcare solutions.

About Us
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Our Products

Your source for high quality, cost-effective medical supplies and services

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OMS works with healthcare professionals, institutions and individual clients, offering a complete spectrum of quality clinical products at competitive prices. We help clients properly identify the right therapeutic supplies to meet their healthcare needs, and promptly deliver to communities across Ontario.

OMS is a leading distributor of retail and wholesale medical equipment and supplies, and specialty pharmacy solutions including:

  • Home healthcare supplies and services
  • Patient safety products and services
  • Seating and mobility equipment
  • Wound care supplies
  • Ostomy products
  • Infusion therapy
  • Incontinence and skin care solutions
  • Home oxygen supplies
  • Personal protection and infection control products
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Our Services

More than medical equipment – we support your healthcare needs holistically

At Ontario Medical Supply, our expert staff members help clients select the right products and seamlessly deliver comprehensive services to ensure the best possible healthcare experience. Our healthcare services include:

Who We Serve

A healthcare services partner for diverse clients with unique needs

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Our pharmacy management and healthcare partnerships are built on superior customer service, with more than 30 years of providing solutions and expanding across Ontario. The expertise of our healthcare sales and support staff including registered nurses and registered nurse assistants, occupational therapists, kinesiologists and pharmacists, truly understand your needs. We are all here for you.

Much of our business is built on long-standing, trusted relationships with our clients, big and small. These include partners in:

  • Continuing care facilities (e.g. long-term care, retirement, assisted living)
  • Group homes and other supportive housing
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors’ offices and medical clinics
  • Schools
  • Government agencies (e.g. Local Health Integration Networks)
  • Municipalities (e.g. Emergency Medical Services, Firefighters, etc.)
  • Pharmacies and home healthcare stores
  • Retail customers
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Eliminating healthcare vendor fatigue, one client at a time

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We know that working with multiple vendors for various healthcare requirements can pose quite a challenge. This may include issues with billing, spending more time trying to source the right product from the right vendor, and not finding anyone who really understands your unique needs.

OMS clients value the efficiency of partnering with a single merchant.
OMS acts as an extension of our clients — part of the circle of care; providing expert advice on a breadth of products and services, at the best value. We take a family-business approach, providing you with one-on-one services and customized tailored healthcare solutions to meet your needs. But you can still enjoy the big-business advantages of working with a mid-sized company, including our vast selection of products and services, cost savings opportunities and available support.

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