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Available funding for medical supplies and equipment

Medical and assistive devices can be costly, but help is available. If you have a long-term disability, you may qualify to get financial assistance from the Ontario Assistive Devices Program (ADP) and other third-party payers.

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OMS is an authorized ADP vendor for:
Positioning devices for mobility aids
Mobility/Ambulation aids
Enteral feeding grant program
Respiratory devices
Check your private insurance coverage to see if they will reimburse some or all of the costs for medical supplies and equipment for your medical issue. Additionally, medical and assistive devices are eligible for tax credits or exemptions, and you can often claim medical expenses on your provincial tax return.
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Sorting through all the funding available and managing the application process can be an additional burden for those who have or care for people with a disability. If you or your client qualifies for one of the available financial assistance programs, OMS can bill major third-party payers directly on your behalf. The supportive team at Ontario Medical Supply can walk you through the application process and assist with document preparation if required.

OMS also offers short term rentals to support clients while they wait for funding to go through or require support for a short period of time.

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FAQ icon Frequently
Asked Questions
What are your hours of operation?

Our retail stores are open Monday-Friday from 8:30AM to 5:30PM

What region(s) do you service?

With medical supply warehouses located in Ottawa, Kingston and Mississauga, we are able to service these and surrounding areas including: Cornwall, Deep River, Arnprior, Renfrew, Eganville, Pembroke, Petawawa, Brockville, Belleville, Tweed, Kaladar, Picton, Trenton, GTA and others. Call us for more information on service or medical equipment delivery areas.

I am injured/suffer a medical condition and need medical products to support me. Where do I start?

Ask your physician or therapist to prescribe or recommend a medical aid, product or piece of equipment that could assist you. Even without a prescription or recommendation, visit us at our retail stores or call our customer care team of experts who can provide valuable guidance and information on choosing the right product to help you. Call us at 1-800-267-1067, option 1.

Do you charge for medical equipment repairs or maintenance?

For service and labour repairs, we charge a flat fee. In-shop service can be provided via walk-in or by appointment. This is chargeable by the half hour, with rates starting at $27.50.
Our base warranty is 60 days on wheelchairs and 90 days on walkers. For mobility products purchased elsewhere, service fees will apply, however we will attempt to obtain coverage under the manufacturer’s warranty for any eligible parts.

How long does it take to get my new wheelchair delivered?

We carry a wide variety of wheelchairs in stock that may be delivered within a few weeks. Some specialty models and requirements for special options may take longer to deliver.

Do you offer medical equipment delivery or pick up?

Yes. We offer delivery and pick up services for medical equipment and supplies, all which can be arranged at the time of your order. Additional fees will be determined when you place your order.

Do you offer equipment setup and installation services?

Yes. Our certified technicians can set up and install any of the products and equipment we sell – grab bars and poles, ramps, ceiling lifts, stair lifts, hospital beds and more. Additional fees may be charged for this service and will be determined at the time of your when you place your order placement.

How much notice is required to rent an medical device item?

Items are generally available in store for pickup without advance notice. We are able to deliver with 24 hours’ notice. Contact us to get delivery timing to your area.

Can I try out equipment before buying it?

We do have demos of some medical equipment items in store. We offer rentals of certain equipment at competitive prices so you can try before you buy. Please bring us measurements of more particular items that you require so we are better able to assist.

I don’t see any products listed on your website – how can I buy something?

For consumers in Ottawa and surrounding area:

  1. Visit our retail store located at 1100 Algoma Road, Ottawa
  2. Email us at
  3. Call us at (613) 244-8620, option 4

For consumers in Kingston and surrounding area:

  1. Visit our retail store located at 631 Fortune Crescent, Kingston
  2. Email us at
  3. Call us at (613) 634-8429

For corporate clients:

  1. Visit our retail store located at 1100 Algoma Road, Ottawa
  2. Email us at
  3. Call us at (613) 244-8620, option 1
Do you manufacture any of your healthcare products?

We partner with name brand, high-quality medical supply vendors to provide you with a variety of products for your healthcare needs. We focus on the distribution of choice medical supplies and equipment and leave manufacturing to the experts.

I am a veteran. Where can I find do I go to get answers to my information about healthcare equipment funding questions?

Visit for more information on funding for Canadian war veterans.

Can I claim my purchase on my private health insurance?

It would depend on your individual plan and what you are covered for. All plans are different and we suggest checking your coverage from your health insurance provider to know what they cover. Most insurance companies will need a doctors’ prescription for claim approval.

If I have private insurance for mobility devices, can I still access ADP?

Yes – ADP is your first destination for funding. Whatever ADP doesn’t cover can then be sent to your private insurance, including the fee for your ADP assessment. Coverage will depend on the details of your plan.

Why do I need an occupational therapist?

Occupational therapists are recommended to determine what products would best suit your needs. While we have extensive knowledge and experience on medical products, and can assist you in getting the items you need, we are not trained medical professionals.

I need help to pay for OMS products/services.

You can apply for credit with Medical Pharmacies Group Limited.